How to configure one-click navigation for Tongren WeChat public account?

Time: 2019-12-01

Example of one-click navigation code: Hi, I'm coordinates; title: Hi, I'm the navigation title; addr: Hi, I'm the navigation description & key = OB4BZ-D4W3U -B7VVO-4PJWW-6TKDJ-WPB77 & referer = myapp

Start operation

1. Open: (Tencent Map Coordinate Picker)

2. Enter the name of the approximate location you want to mark in the search bar (for example: Wanshan Industrial Park, Tongren City)


Then the mouse can drag the map to find the actual location you want to mark, and click the left mouse button to get the coordinates;

3. Modify the code

Replace "Hey, I'm coordinates" with the coordinates you got, for example: 27.690273,109.178352
Modify "Hi, I am the navigation title" to your business name, such as: Wuling Tianxia Network Technology
Modify "Hi, I am the navigation instructions" to your business profile, for example: Focus on Wuling Internet World TEL: 0856-5202348

Modified code example:

;title: 武陵天下网络科技 ;addr: 聚焦武陵互联天下TEL:0856-5202348 &key=OB4BZ-D4W3U-B7VVO-4PJWW-6TKDJ-WPB77&referer=myapp 27.690273,109.178352 ; title: Wuling Tianxia Network Technology ; addr: Focus on Wuling Internet World TEL: 0856-5202348 & key = OB4BZ-D4W3U- B7VVO-4PJWW-6TKDJ-WPB77 & referer = myapp

* Code modification tips: Be sure to check strictly, only modify the Chinese characters in it, the other parts include symbols, one can not be more than one, not less, otherwise an error will occur.

4. Visit to turn the above URL into a short link (otherwise WeChat cannot recognize it)


Finally use a short connection to access and test the connection:

Effect demo screenshot:


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