Tongren 2020 Spring Festival ticket purchase calendar, please collect

Time: 2019-12-07

With the approaching footsteps of the Spring Festival in 2020, many foreigners began to plan to buy tickets for going home. According to the arrangement of the railway pre-sale period, on December 12, the first day of the 2020 Spring Festival train tickets will be officially sold. When should I buy tickets for Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year? If the ticket is sold out, can I get a ticket by waiting for the purchase?

I. When does the 2020 Spring Festival start?

The railway spring transport lasts for 40 days, usually 15 days before the Spring Festival and 25 days after the Spring Festival. The first day of the New Year's Day in 2020 is January 25th. Therefore, the Spring Festival transport in 2020 is from January 10th to February 18th. According to the 2020 holiday arrangements, the Spring Festival holiday is 7 days, from January 24 to January 30.

Therefore, the peak travel period is January 22 (Lawan 28) and January 23 (Lalu 29), and the train ticket sales start time is December 24 and 25, 2019; January 2020 On the 29th (the fifth day of the first month) and on the 30th of the first month (the sixth day of the first month), the peak of the return journey after the first wave will be ushered in, and the dates of return tickets are December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020.

Currently, the train ticket network pre-sale period is 30 days, and the pre-sale point and station pre-sale period is 28 days.

Second, at what time is the easiest time to grab tickets for the 2020 Spring Festival tickets?

The peak of the return trip of the Spring Festival each year starts one week before the Spring Festival. From this calculation, we can remember the following four key nodes for buying tickets.

1. On December 12, the first day of the Spring Festival will be started, that is, tickets for January 10, 2020;

2. On December 19th, you can grab the tickets on January 17, 2020 (Twenty-three Lunar Month);

3. Tickets for the day before New Year's Eve can be grabbed on December 25, 2019;

4.On December 31, 2019, we will grab the return tickets for the New Year's Day on January 29, 2020.

In addition, for those who plan to spend the Lantern Festival at home (February 7, 2020), return tickets can be issued on January 9, 2020 (Thursday).

3. What are the "pick-up" skills for purchasing tickets for the 2020 Spring Festival?

Spring Festival train tickets have three opportunities to "leakage": 45 minutes after the sale, if some netizens do not pay in time, the ticket source will return to the ticket warehouse; 15 days before the drive is the peak time for refunds; 48 hours and 24 hours before the drive , Is also a good opportunity to "leakage", the ticket sales system will often release part of the remaining tickets. In addition, "Reserve Tickets" can also help you lock your remaining tickets.

50 Cloud will also release ticket grabbing tools in the later stage. Please pay attention to this site later. This site will release some black technology ticket grabbing tools as soon as possible , and first release a 12306pass shunting tool to guarantee ticket grabbing. I hope everyone can buy their own tickets.

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